Storage Tips:

Here are a few Storage tips for you might not think about….

  • To increase air circulation use pallets on the unit floors to help keep items dry.
  • Items that you'll use frequently should be kept toward the front of the unit.
  • Review your homeowners/renters insurance policy to make sure they cover storage of your goods.
  • Purchase a quality lock to secure your unit at all times.
  • Cover your items with a cloth tarp instead of plastic.
  • If you are covering your furniture with a plastic cover, puncture a small hole to allow air w and this will assist in preventing moisture from forming. Moisture levels fluctuate season to season.
  • Leave some room along the walls of the unit to allow better air circulation.
  • When storing a vehicle or motorized equipment, make sure you winterize to reduce the chance of damage. Review your owner's manual.

  • To make sure your items stay in good condition, visit your unit on a regular basis.
  • When visiting your unit make sure you have a picture ID with you at the facility. If you need assistance with your unit the staff will need to verify that you are authorized to access the unit.
  • Do not store perishable goods in the unit. This would attract rodents or insects that no one wants in their unit.
  • No hazardous items should be stored in the unit.