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We have locations in Hudson WI and Somerset WI for all of your storage needs!

Garage: We have the place for your vehicles, tools and ladders and much more call to talk with us about the pricing of our storage, you will be happy you called. Many of our customers are happy they called as our prices are lower than our competition.

Basement: With cleaning out the basement you often run into more stuff that you can store...the question is if I want to keep the stuff where should I put it? Eagle Mini Storage is a perfect solution to your storage needs.

College: Going to school and don't want to take home all of your stuff each year a mini storage unit could be the perfect solution for your stuff call us for availability on a storage unit for your college stuff for the summer.

Sales Reps: Is your spouse tired of you leaving the samples boxes in the garage or the basement? Tired of parking your car outside because you have too much inventory in your home office? Call us and we can help clear out the clutter in your home!

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Don't get boxed in, store it at our facility near you.

If your house or business is too cluttered call to get a mini storage unit to get organized! Call Eagle Storage, we have many sizes of units so call to check on which ones would be the best for you.